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Why did I become a real estate professional?

Buying my first home was the most rewarding feeling and the best investment and I had made. I wanted to help others have the same rewarding feeling with a smoother and better experience.

Where is my office?

My main office is in Palo Alto but I have helped clients buy and sell homes all over the bay area and studied all the different markets. We also have several other offices located in Los Altos, Saratoga, Willow Glen, Los Gatos and Santa Cruz.

What's my favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is my home. My wife and I love to cook and prepare meals, so it's always my first choice. Second would be anywhere with good company because I love to eat everything!

Something you're surprised to learn about me?

I am a huge motorsports enthusiast. I love pushing the limits to anything with an engine or motor whether its a car or motorcycle.



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